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Shared Celebrations.

Strategy and content creation for Banco di Caribe

For Banco di Caribe’s 50th celebration, we had the honor of creating a 360 campaign for their products: mortgage, personal loan, car loan, and credit cards. Through these campaigns, Banco di Caribe wanted to celebrate with its current and potential customers by offering a competitive interest rate and offers during 2023. The Joy in Banking; Banco di Caribe.

The magic is in the collaboration. Big shout out to the dream team:
Juliette Virginie, Rachid Pietersz & Jetha Römer – Banco di Caribe, Charles Jansen – Fresku, Dave Mourillon – The Jingle Planet, Raiza Kibbelaar – Persuasive Communications, Reginald Römer, Robin Oosterling – Robin Photography, Ryan QD Navarro and his crew, and Willem Blankenburgh – De Schrijfkeizer.