Project description
Rebranding beachfront restaurant’s identity
Sunset Bar & Grill (Blue Bay Golf & Beach Resort)
What We Did
Identity rebranding, Graphic Design & Advertising

The Challenge

Our Solution

Sunset Bar & Grill, arguably Blue Bay’s most famous restaurant is best known for its “by the sea” cuisine and beautiful ocean view terrace. The perfect place to hang out after a warm day of work. Blue Bay challenged us to refresh the branding for its restaurant. Starting off with a new brandmark and a few key brand elements. Giving it a fresh face to both existing and potential new guests. A challenge we happily accepted!

With a short list of keywords we started off visualising different directions. After a few rounds of design and feedback we ended up creating the perfect look and feel for Sunset Bar & Grill. For the brand mark we combined handwriting and eroded letters for a “casual day at the beach” look & feel. For external communication we decided to seduce the audience with some beautiful food photography. What else can draw people to food then food itself? Exactly.

Combined with a minimalistic design style and a laid back tone of voice we cooked up a deliciously new brand. One that makes any moment a great moment to enjoy good food and delicious drinks near the beach. Bon apetit!  


Create a refreshing new brandmark.

Brand elements

Businesscard (Front & Back)
To go bag


Let the word out about this amazing place to wine and dine.

Daily ads in local newspapers

Different moods.

Different appetite.

Feeling hungry?

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